Grey is the new black 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the grey areas. And getting more comfortable there. Growing up I wanted everything black and white. Good and bad (thanks catholic school). Right and wrong. Most debates had at the core the goal to find the one “truth” or to “win”. If I “lost” the debate I sometimes would change my position. But not out of compassion or empathy but out of a desire to always be on the winning side. Life was all about winners and losers
Then i turned 50. Something changed. Suddenly I had these very unfamiliar desires to actually understand other people. Maybe even to have compassion for other points of view (even if they were wrong and going to hell). It was a shock. I didn’t feel like I had to win every argument. At first this was terribly unsettling. What is the purpose of life of not to win ?
I don’t know where this path is going to go. By no stretch am I over my youthful competitiveness and desire to win. But now there is something else. Something like a desire to get along. To have less stress. To allow others to win sometimes. To sit on the sidelines sometimes. To coach sometimes. To watch the game sometimes. Why do I always have to be a player ?
I am not saying I have found a new path of compassion and am now an enlightened being. Far from it. But what I do have the faintest glimmer of is a desire to understand more and lead a compassionate life.
Going to be interesting where this goes.

I’m Back

This is my first long form blog post in many years.  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram killed the first incarnation of DeepGreenCrystals.  Over the years (and with the help of every new technology wave), my communication style has shrunk and devolved.  Today my email signature is simply “M”.   Pictures have replaced words.   Apps fill in names and places and helpfully link to everyone else’s thoughts about a person, place or thing, so my personal thoughts are rarely necessary.


When I turned 50 last year, something changed.  One part nostalgia, two parts paying it forward, add a splash of extra time on my hands and I have a tasty cocktail with which to reboot this DeepGreenCrystals thing.  The title has the original intent baked in.  Deep Green Crystals, the tiny valuable knowledge nuggets that power the whole thing.  The powerful things that really matter.  As I look through the archives, there is a lot of pontification, product reviews, and outright whimsy.  Going forward I hope to stick to the basics.  My thoughts about things big and small that I think are important and powerful in this life.  Hopefully I will be able to imbue into the posts some of what I have learned over the years to give context to my opinions.  You won’t find any slavish talking points here (although I am sure to be accused of that eventually).  Every post will be a result of my personal desire to actually communicate a point of view that I feel very strongly about based on 50+ years trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.  I hope you don’t always agree with my conclusions.  We have traveled different paths.  I just hope you understand how I got here and why.  Not trying to start a debate, although many issues will be controversial.  Your opinion is always welcome, but don’t be surprised if I don’t change my mind just because you feel strongly I should.


Not sure how often I will post or if anyone will give a shit, but this is where I am going to leave it all.


Comments (sometimes) welcome.