Martin’s Meditations

Glossary: Misogi

“The notion around the misogi is, you do something so hard one time a year, that is has an impact the other 364 days of the year” -Jesse Itzler I read this article about it and learned of Misogi in The Comfort Crisis book., Do your own Misogi at least once a year There are … Continue reading Glossary: Misogi

TEDFAV: Emotions are guesses

The brain is one big sense making, pattern recognition machine. We expect emotions to be different. That they “just come up” or are “real” or “just happen”. Yet the science tells us that emotions are just another case of the brain sensing certain things and matching those things to patterns I understands. Emotions are patterns … Continue reading TEDFAV: Emotions are guesses

A Nerd in a Football School

In the Fall of 1980, I had it all figured out. I was a Junior at Medford Senior High School, the big leagues. My GPA was perfect and I was looking forward to my AP classes, science club, and the debate team. I grinned when I found my locker, #B69. Chad, the Varsity football captain grunted … Continue reading A Nerd in a Football School

Karma is real

I received a message on LinkedIn yesterday. It read: Martin! It has been like 23 years since we met in Silicon Valley. I so enjoyed our connection. You still in digital media? How have you been?” A couple clicks reminded me of our connection and the memory popped into my head of a couple of … Continue reading Karma is real


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