Martin’s Meditations

Remember Martin: There is nothing to believe

Why do I find the Stoic frame for answering the “how do I live my life?” question so useful? There is nothing to believe. No pretend friends. No magic underpants. No invisible hand. There are questions to examine yourself and others on the path to wisdom. There are practices which over time can reveal wisdom … Continue reading Remember Martin: There is nothing to believe

Glossary: Assume

One of my first memories of wisdom, an eternal truth that run true and would be useful over time, came from my high school debate teacher, Terry Rose. “Never Assume anything.” Terry said, “It makes and “ass” out of “u” and “me”.” The poetic ring to the quip helped it stick all these years. Oxford … Continue reading Glossary: Assume

Values trump goals

For as long as I can remember, I have had goals. At the end of a goal (successful or not) the question is always the same: What now? For a long time, the answer was another goal. This has been a treadmill to nowhere. When I started asking the question of where do the goals … Continue reading Values trump goals

Remember Martin: Fight for understanding not the win.

Wining is overrated. Sumner Redstone died yesterday. The media called him a “fighter”. He said himself, “I like to win.” He won over $4B for himself. All that fighting and winning: still dead. Yesterday I crushed the hillclimb on my bike ride and “won” the leader board. I felt elated by the win! Coming in … Continue reading Remember Martin: Fight for understanding not the win.


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