Reframing a guiding principle today.

“I hope you don’t get what you want in life, because then you are Fucked.”

Martin Tobias

For over 20 years, this phrase has been one of my guiding principles. Today I am softening it.

Why soften it? I want my guiding principles to be in the positive frame, not the negative. While this has been great click bait and jolts the system, it does so by triggering a visceral emotional reaction: “What do you mean not get what I want? Isn’t that the point of life?” That reaction is why I like the principle, but I don’t want to relive the negative shock every time I hear it.

While I haven’t figured out exactly how to reframe this principle, something along the lines of :

  • “Process goals are what you want in life”
  • Process goals trump outcome oriented goals.
  • I hope your goals support your values.
  • The [[good life]] is a process not a goal.

Basically, the value of the positive frame in most things I do has risen in my value stack, and I am reframing whatever I can in that way. Give it a try.

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