Remember Martin: There is nothing to believe

Why do I find the Stoic frame for answering the “how do I live my life?” question so useful? There is nothing to believe. No pretend friends. No magic underpants. No invisible hand. There are questions to examine yourself and others on the path to wisdom. There are practices which over time can reveal wisdom which makes progress toward “how to live my life?” In the end you have to decide for yourself through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. There are examples of what has worked for others, but there is no “perfect being” to emulate. Even deeply flawed people with whom you disagree on many things, can be a path to wisdom (Marcus Aurelius often quoted Epicurious a rival school). Test every piece of wisdom against your own experience and keep the ones that are useful. Practice of this process is how to answer the “how to live?” question, not hope for a perfect all encompassing answer handed down from above.

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