DO THIS: Upgrade your brain function

One of the amazing things I am able to do as CEO of Upgrade Labs is to run a bunch of NOf1 experiments on myself. Lately I have been very interested in how to upgrade brain performance in the short and long term. At Labs we have an astonishingly easy to use tool called the WAvi which tests things like brain voltage, beta/theta ratio, and P300 delay (a measurement of executive function). I recently ran a test on myself before and after a 100mg injection of NAD. The left is before, the right after. Brain voltage went up 38%! All the red areas are active. P300 delay was also improved over 20 percent. Which brain would I rather have? Yea the one on the right.

While I was able to feel the effects of nad in prior trials, this is the first visual and measurement I have of what is actually being upgraded in the brain. Very cool stuff. With anything you are considering to add to your life, design a way to test and quantify how it is working and to what degree. I am going to repeat this test with caffeine and nicotine and a couple other things to compare the magnitude of the changes for different things. Stay tuned…

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