DO THIS: Best public speaking advice I have received

I do quite a bit of public speaking.  At one time I spent six months with a TED talk coach.  I believe the TED folks have dove very deep into what makes a compelling presentation, especially of an idea.  And most talks are really selling ideas, getting buy in from the audience on something in a way they were not previously thinking about.

These are the four most important takeaways from that coaching.

  1. Practice out loud. In front of a mirror.
  2. Few slides as possible.  One to three.
  3. Care.  About your subject. About your audience. (see #4)
  4. Honor the time your audience is giving you.  Give value.


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2 thoughts on “DO THIS: Best public speaking advice I have received”

  1. Who was your coach?

    I recently spoke at TEDxSeattle with no slides. I recorded myself and listened back on audio as preparation, but nothing prepared me for thevaudience participation and laugh out loud moments they had. I knew my talk had amusing spots, but 3,000 people laughing? Wow! Such an incredible moment.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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