The Path to true Happiness, through stuff

Was listening to Bulletproof radio today with Dave and Jack Canfield.  Jack recounted a dinner with Ken Behring where they were discussing how to get to true, lasting happiness.  Ken said his path had four phases.

  1.  Stuff (get some money and buy the stuff you always thought would make you happy).
  2. More stuff (since the first wave didn’t work, buy some more – bigger house, bigger plane, etc.)
  3. Different stuff (Ken bought a football team – the Seahawks, just to try something new).
  4. Purpose.  Finally, find a purpose.  That will deliver lasting happiness.  Ken founded a charity providing wheel chairs to the third world.

This path rings true to me.  As it is similar to my own.  I will put more thought into my particular steps, but I like this frame on it.  In the end it is about purpose and the people around you who share that.


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