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The Thin Edge of Angel Investing

Thanks Zecca Lehn, for the fun conversation on your Posit2ive podcast! Listen to Episode here Medium Post EPISODE32: A Thin Edge in Angel Investing Tobias, Angel Investor from the Northwest [7/15/2021] Note: References with links are listed at the end of the show notes. INTRO: 1:00 Talks about his love for things that solve problems, … Continue reading The Thin Edge of Angel Investing

TEDFAV: Emotions are guesses

The brain is one big sense making, pattern recognition machine. We expect emotions to be different. That they “just come up” or are “real” or “just happen”. Yet the science tells us that emotions are just another case of the brain sensing certain things and matching those things to patterns I understands. Emotions are patterns … Continue reading TEDFAV: Emotions are guesses