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Take the Red Pill

I have written before about the Red Pill – Blue Pill dilemma. We are definitely in a time where the choice of pills is right upon us. JP Sears nails the current dominant Blue Pill narrative around Corona Virus: be fearful, stay at home, listen to your leaders, mistrust everyone. While I haven’t seen as … Continue reading Take the Red Pill

DO THIS: The upside of Regret

Jeff Bezos had a problem. He had a very well paying job with a promising career track, but this “internet thing” had caught his interest and overtaken his dreams. Should he leave the good job and start an internet book seller? He told everyone around him. Most counseled to stay with the “sure thing”. That … Continue reading DO THIS: The upside of Regret

The day the Tooth Fairy (almost) died

A “girls only” sign hangs on the matte black doorknob to my daughter’s bedroom. Three $1 bills hang half out of my back pocket as I silently turned the handle. I cringe as the floorboards creak under my weight. “Should have made coffee first.” 9-year-old girl chaos invades my eyes. Everything was strewn randomly about. … Continue reading The day the Tooth Fairy (almost) died