Remember Martin: love the suck

Read this interview with the Ranger Up founder today.

“You routinely get fed a shit sandwich and are not only expected to eat it, but eat it using the proper utensils, table manners, and a smile on your face so that the men and women under your command maintain motivation and discipline as you tackle the new surprise mission.”

“After a period of time you stop wishing or hoping or expecting good things to happen. That probably sounds negative, but it isn’t. When you stop counting on an outcome, you tend to start taking things as they come”

“And when you get to that point, nothing can break you. You’ve programmed yourself to deal with the hands you are dealt and not waste unhappy time pining for conditions or an outcome that simply doesn’t exist.”

“Everyone has a breaking point. For most people, that point is very low, which is why many people never push themselves past their comfort zone”

“And the dirty little secret is that everyone has a coward inside them, and if you really want to be tough, and I mean that both physically and mentally, you have to push that coward to the breaking point and then push past it every day. You have to embrace suffering, or in military parlance, embrace the suck.”

Remember this Martin. Life is not about avoiding pain. It is about training for it because it will come. The question is what do you do when it comes?”